Lifeye is an AgTech startup that envisions to fill the gaps between the different livestock farming shareholders toward a more efficient dairy cow production and diseases prevention with two solutions MooMe and VetoMe.


Our actual mission is to empower rural community and specifically farmers in emerging countries with accurate notifications to help them make productive decisions toward their livestock and build a sustainable business. Lifeye is also willing to be the warrant toward financial institutions and a trigger for farmers to novelist insurance services that can help build sustainable agriculture with a more secured financial ecosystem.


MooMe :

tracks all types of data coming from dairy cows through an intelligent collar. It analyzes that data with proprietary algorithms based on veterinary science. With this analysis, farmers are provided with key insights such as the right time to do cows' insemination or their health conditions. In the mid-term, MooMe will provide farmers with anti−theft, milk quality issues, nutrition behavior, breed selection and geofencing notifications.

VetoMe :

is a platform that helps private veterinarians manage their journey. At the back-end, it keeps track of the veterinarian finances and proactively manages the veterinarian drug and medical equipment stock. At the front-end, it organizes the veterinarian's portfolio of farmers and his consulting history. It also allows sharing cases between veterinarians or with their assistants.